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Our friendly, professional team is dedicated to the care of your pets and providing the highest possible standard of service because we know how important your animals are to you. We strive to make sure your pets live long, enjoyable and happy lives.

We encourage communication on all levels; face to face, by telephone and email. Each week, we have a meeting for all our staff; to receive training, discuss points of interest and listen to feedback from our clients. This helps us to understand what our clients expect from us and therefore enable us to improve our service to you.

The practice is owned by Diederick Opperman and Pablo Garrido, and together, we want to build a strong, trustworthy and lasting relationship with you.

  • Kitten has Life-saving Operation at Less than an Hour Old

    Shelley Jenkins and her family waited with bated breath for their cat Dora’s final litter of kittens to arrive. As hobby breeders of ‘Bigglesworth’ British Shorthair cats, their ‘queens’ only have a few litters before luxurious retirement. Knowing that Dora was only carrying one or two kittens, they were very excited, but were horrified when the

  • Does your dog suffer separation anxiety?

    Our increasingly busy lifestyles and more and more demands on our time mean that our pets are spending more time alone. As pack animals by nature, dogs need company. Having more than one dog may help them cope without their humans for longer, but in one dog households, too much alone time may cause distress.