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Our friendly, professional team is dedicated to the care of your pets and providing the highest possible standard of service because we know how important your animals are to you. We strive to make sure your pets live long, enjoyable and happy lives.

We encourage communication on all levels; face to face, by telephone and email. We have regular meetings for all our staff; to receive training, discuss points of interest and listen to feedback from our clients. This helps us to understand what our clients expect from us and therefore enable us to improve our service to you.

  • Why adopting can be better than shopping

    Why adopting can be better than shopping

    If you’re considering giving a pet a forever home, adopting a pet gives it a second chance at a fulfilled family life – an opportunity every animal should have. While getting a new puppy or kitten is very exciting, there’s a lot to be said for adopting an older animal. For starters, if you’re getting

  • Don’t let your cat’s health get overlooked

    Don’t let your cat’s health get overlooked

    Many people think that ‘cats take care of themselves’. They have a reputation as low maintenance pets (apart from pedigrees) but cats are actually just good at hiding signs of illness, so owners often don’t realise how sick they are until they’re very sick indeed. In fact, sometimes a vet will see issues the cats’