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    • 24 AUG 15

    Why your pet’s health is important to your own health…

    There is plenty in the news about how the various types of working dogs help humans, with dogs sniffing out anything from drugs to diabetes, but there’s less made of the impact ‘ordinary’ pets have on our day-to-day lives. That’s a great shame, considering pets have been calculated to save the NHS an average of £1.6bn a year!

    The health benefits of having a pet are well proven. Pets help to reduce stress and lower blood pressure. They can help keep their owners fit through regular exercise and they definitely help to tackle loneliness. As well as all this, children with pets are less likely to suffer from allergies and have been shown to attend school an extra nine days a year on average.

    600 students at the University of Bristol recently donated a total of £1,300 for Guide Dogs in return for a pre-exam stress lowering puppy experience. Spending 15 minutes in a room full of puppies and working guide dogs provided a welcome distraction!

    This all means that it’s essential that we do all we can to keep our pets fit and healthy. Regular visits to the vet will ensure that any changes in their health don’t go unnoticed, as well as keeping their vaccinations, flea treatments and any other regular treatments they may need up-to-date. And if some visits don’t result in treatment, your pet will be more relaxed about going to the vets.

    The National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) are calling on the government to introduce legislation to stop around 140,000 people per year from being forced to leave their pets behind when they move into supported housing. They lose the the health benefits of pet ownership and many of these pets are put to sleep.

    Clockhouse run a monthly payment scheme, called ‘Paws & Claws’ that helps people to budget for their pet’s regular care and gives discounts on additional treatments. For more information, call us on 01453 752 555.