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    • 23 JUL 14

    Warm Weather Tips for Happy, Healthy Pets

    Dog sitting in a car

    Extra care should be taken to protect all pets in hot weather and as it gets hotter this summer, all pet owners need to think about how they can take simple steps to ensure their pets are happy and healthy during the warm weather. Simple steps to take are:

    Don’t leave pets in vehicles, glass conservatories or caravans in the heat, even if it’s cloudy.

    Make sure pets have adequate water to drink

    Provide adequate room to move into a cooler, ventilated environment.

    Avoid exercising pets in the heat of the day 

    Provide necessary protection from the sun in the hottest part of the day. If your pets are kept outside outside, ensure they have access to a cool shady spot where they can escape
    from the sun.

    Groom dogs and cats regularly to get rid of excess hair (and reduce the chance of hairballs for cats). Give long-coated dogs a haircut at the start of summer.

    Dogs and cats, particularly those with light-coloured noses/fur on their ears, can get sunburned. White cats and dogs should be kept out of direct sun as much as possible, and if they must be in the sun, you can help them prevent sunburn by using a sunscreen on their ears and noses. Over a period of time, repeated exposure to the sun can cause squamous cell carcinoma, a cancer found most often on the tips of the ears and nose. Early signs are a sore that does not heal, or that bleeds. Ask us for advice on pet-safe sunscreens and how to use them.