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    • 22 JAN 14

    How to be reunited easily with a lost pet

    The easiest way to make sure you can be reunited with a lost pet is to get them micro-chipped. This quick, simple procedure ensures that, if your pet is found, it can be identified easily and you can be contacted and for the whole of February, Clockhouse Veterinary Group are offering to microchip your pet for just £12 – half the normal price! 

    In all seriousness, PLEASE consider getting your pet microchipped. We have lost cats and dogs brought in to us weekly at Clockhouse and the first thing we do when is scan them with our microchip reader. If the pet is NOT chipped, our hearts sink! We keep the dog/cat with us for a short while and then it is moved on, relatively quickly, to a rescue centre, as we are a very busy hospital and need the beds for our patients.

    If the cat or dog has a microchip, we can track down its owners within minutes, even if they are not registered with us, as their contact details are held on a central database. This means we can reunited pet and owner as soon as you can get to us, which makes everybody very happy – to see a dog or cat completely change it’s behaviour to enthusiastically greet it’s owner is a wonderful thing

    For ill or injured animals, it also means that we can get on with any necessary treatment as, without permission, we can only give first aid/minimal treatment.

    Sadly, we are occasionally brought animals that have been knocked over and killed on our busy roads. If your pet is chipped we can contact you and you are able to grieve – many owners never know what has happened to their beloved pet, which can cause long-term stress, worry and upset. However sad the news, we feel it is better to know.

    It is worth noting that it will be compulsory for all dogs and puppies to be chipped from April 2016. 

    So take advantage of our special offer – after all, £12 is a very small price to pay for peace of mind. If you need any more information on this, please phone us on 01453 752555