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Rabbits make good pets for both adults and children, so at Clockhouse we strive towards making sure you and your rabbit have a long and happy life together.

Like any other pet, rabbits benefit from being handled at an early age. Socialisation with other animals and people is key to ensuring your rabbit doesn’t develop any anti-social behavioural traits. Rabbits, by nature, are very sociable animals and excel in the presence of their own kind. Making it important to keep rabbits in pairs, in a space as large as possible (the minimum recommended hutch size being 6ft X 2ft X 2ft, with an attached 8ft run). Because of their “prey instincts” rabbits should always have a safe place to escape to if they feel under threat.

This pack includes:
• Treatments available for your rabbit
• Vaccination Information
• Neutering and Dental Care
• Behaviour
• House Training
• Socialising
• Paws and Claws – Montly Pet Health Plan