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    • 21 OCT 16
    Preparing pets for firework night

    Preparing pets for firework night

    For many pet owners, it is hard to look forward to or enjoy the firework season. In fact it can be an incredibly stressful, or even distressing time for many animals and their owners. It’s easy to forget how badly your pets are affected until Bonfire Night draws near, but it comes around quickly and, these days is not confined to one night, so here are some ways to help your pet cope:

    • Walk your dog during the daytime when fireworks are less likely to be let off.

    • Don’t take your pet to a firework display – these events are not for all the family.

    • Make sure you buy and use fireworks responsibly, keeping them under supervision and away from children and animals.

    • Spare a thought for wildlife as well as pets – check bonfires for hedgehogs and don’t leave firework litter about.

    • Stay home with your pet – your presence will help to reassure them.

    • Keep pets indoors – there’s generally an increase in ‘missing’ posters after Bonfire Night as frightened animals can run off and get lost.

    • Close the curtains and put on the TV or play music to provide a distraction and help drown out the noise. Playing with your pet may also help.

    • Act naturally! Keeping things as normal as possible helps reduce anxiety. Pets pick up on their owners’ moods, so don’t over-fuss your pet (unless they seek it).

    • Provide a safe den indoors where they can hide if they feel the need.

    • Anxiety-reducing products, such as pheromone sprays/collars and ‘thundershirts’ can be effective, even up to a day before the event.

    For help your pet’s anxiety, including safe medication, please call us on 01453 752555. We can advise on behaviour and suitable treatments to get your pet through the firework season.