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    • 14 NOV 16
    Practical steps to take to find a lost pet

    Practical steps to take to find a lost pet

    As there’s generally an increase in ‘missing pet’ posters after Bonfire Night, it’s a good time to provide advice on how to find a lost pet. It is extremely stressful when a pet goes missing, but even more so if you know they’ve been scared and, while our advice is to keep pets in on firework nights, they still sometimes get out, so hopefully by following these steps, you’ll be quickly reunited with your pet if it gets lost:

    Contact as many local vets and rescue centres as possible. If your pet is microchipped, providing your details are up to date (ring the microchip company to check), you will be contacted – if they’re handed in. Be sure local vets are aware that your pet is missing in case someone phones in a ‘found’ report. If your pet was microchipped outside the UK, Petlog will add your details to the UK database, for a small fee, if you have the microchip number.

    Contact the dog warden as soon as possible if it is a dog that is lost. They may also know who you should call to find out if animals involved in road accidents are scanned or recorded – it is upsetting, but better to know.

    When conducting a physical search it is important to consider the following:

    • Walk, then call out in the direction of home. If your pet tries to follow your voice, they don’t go further in the wrong direction.

    • Call, stop and listen – their response may be muted if they are stuck in a building.

    • An injured or stuck pet may be unable, or take time, to come to you – stay put for a few minutes at a time.

    • Contact Estate Agents to ask them to check empty properties in the area.

    • Look up, as as well as down! Trees and scaffolding are perfect places for pets to get stuck high up out of view. and have details of local rescue centres and has details of the vets in your area. For cats, your local Cats Protection branch can be a great help. While we sincerely hope it doesn’t happen, it’s worth keeping a list of numbers in a handy place, just in case.

    If you lose a pet, or find one, please call us on 01453 752555 so we can help reunite pet and owner as quickly as possible.