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    • 24 AUG 15

    Pets proved to be childrens’ best friends

    The results of a study carried out over the last decade have shown that children who are facing adversity are more likely to confide in their pets than their brothers or sisters. The research was carried out on 100 families in the UK and tracked children from as young as two as they developed relationships with family pets.

    The research showed these relationships are more important than previously thought, as children choose pets as confidants ‘even though they know their pets don’t actually understand what they are saying’.

    Pets can often be perceived to empathise better than people and, knowing that a pet will not judge or punish can be reassuring and encourage children to open up emotionally. At Clockhouse we’ve always understood the importance of family pets and we’re glad to see our view reinforced by the study.

    The study also suggested that children form stronger bonds with their pets than with their friends, but there was also a correlation between strong relationships with pets and better social skills, particularly helping, sharing and cooperating, so a bond with a pet can help them to make friends.

    Keeping your pet as happy and healthy as possible, for as long as possible is therefore also important for your child’s wellbeing and development and it’s important to include your child in visits to the vets. We understand the importance of making your child feel included in your pet’s care and work hard to ensure that both you and your children understand what’s happening to your pet and what we’re doing to help.

    We regularly visit schools to introduce children of various ages to basic pet care and animal behaviour. We also help them understand better what happens when they visit the vets with their pet and how we help keep their pet in good shape by providing the highest possible quality of care.

    If your child’s school would like us to visit, ask them to call us on 01453 752 555.