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    • 05 FEB 14

    Pair convicted of animal cruelty

    A 24 year old man from Gloucester and a 40 year old woman from Nailsworth have each been given suspended prison sentences for causing unnecessary suffering to a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

    On Wednesday 29th January, Cheltenham Magistrates sentenced Michael Mayo and Zoe Maxwell to 18 weeks custody, suspended for 12 months, and 140 hours of unpaid work, after they were found guilty of the offence. They were also both banned for life from keeping animals.

    The RSPCA brought the prosecution against them after an animal welfare officer from Stroud District Council picked up the severely emaciated stray dog from the Lawnside area of Nailsworth on 13 December 2012.

    Alexandra Myrie, the Stroud District Council’s animal welfare officer said:

    “The dog, called Kai, was so malnourished that he could barely stand. I rushed him to the Clockhouse Veterinary Hospital where he was found to weigh a mere 13.3kgs. His ideal body weight should have been between 20 and 25kgs. The vet confirmed he believed Kai had been starved over a period of approximately four weeks and had been caused a great deal of suffering.”

    Mrs Myrie knew who Kai’s owners were, having had previous contact with them, so she contacted the RSPCA who promptly took on the case and prosecuted the pair.

    Maxwell was also ordered to pay £400 towards the RSPCA’s costs and Mayo was ordered to pay £1000.

    Inspector Mann of the RSPCA said:

    “We’re very pleased with the strong sentence and the message it sends out to people who think they can neglect an animal and then dump it onto the streets. Stroud District Council and the RSPCA have an excellent working relationship in using the Animal Welfare Act to increase standards of animal welfare within district.’

    Anyone who spots a stray dog can report it to the council’s animal welfare team on 01453 754478.