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    • 05 FEB 14

    ‘Mystery’ canine illnesses strike again

    Seasonal Canine Illness (SCI) is one of the ‘mystery’ illnesses you may have heard about in the national press, where dogs have become very ill 24-72 hours after walking in woodland areas. The cause of the illness is unclear, despite Veterinary institutions such as the Animal Health Trust (AHT) working hard to collect data. They have, however, ruled out man-made poisons as a cause.

    Symptoms include severe vomiting, diarrhoea, shaking and high temperature. The majority of dogs affected recovered after treatment. These cases are normally seen between August and November hence the term ‘seasonal’ illness. Particular locations under study are: 

    Sandringham estate, Norfolk; Thetford estate, Norfolk; Sherwood forest, Notts.; Clumber park, Notts. and Rendlesham forest, Suffolk. 

    Some of the cases had an infestation of harvest mites, so it is important to ensure that you are using an appropriate external parasite treatment for your dog. Contact us for advice on the best treatments available.

    Alabama Rot, affecting dogs in the New Forest area, has also hit the headlines. Dogs affected had skin lesions on their face and/or lower limbs, progressing to acute kidney failure a few days later. Please seek advice from us if your dog gets any skin wounds of unknown origin.

    Help is needed to find the cause of these illnesses, so if you have walked dogs in these areas, please visit and complete their questionnaire. 

    Advice for pet owners when dog walking:
    • Be aware of where your dog is and what he/she is eating and drinking
    • Be vigilant for signs of illness
    • Contact your Vet if worried

    Neither of these conditions have been reported in the Gloucestershire area, but our team is always available to advise on your pet’s health, so please feel free to call us with any queries on this or any other concerns.