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    • 24 APR 14

    If you love them, neuter them early

    The cat population in the UK, estimated to be between 9.5 million and 11.6 million, has reached crisis point, with the RSPCA and many other rescue centres ‘full to capacity’ with abandoned cats and kittens. According to the RSPCA’s research, 85% of litters are unplanned and new, loving homes for cats are on the decrease. 

    The only way to prevent this situation escalating is to ensure cats are neutered when they reach sexual maturity, around 4 months old.

    Many people feel it’s better for a cat to have a litter before being spayed, but evidence shows that female cats who are spayed before their first ‘heat’ are typically healthier.

    It costs little to have your cat neutered and it can save them and you from a number of problems – not just unwanted kittens! 

    It’s a lovely thought that you’ll be able to find good, loving homes for any kittens that come along and if you have a pedigree cat, it’s easy to believe this may be the case. Sadly, this is not always the case, as the many pedigree welfare societies know to their cost, with even professional breeders unable to guarantee being able to find homes for each kitten.

    Neutering your cat prevents not only pregnancy, but a number of undesirable behaviours too. Best carried out at 4 to 6 months old, before the onset of puberty, the operation is performed under a general anaesthetic. For a male cat it involves removing the testicles from the scrotum. For a female, the ovaries and uterus are removed, leaving a small wound, from which sutures (stitches) may need to be removed about 10 days later. Your cat will be back to normal within a day or so, you’ll only have the cat, or cats, you chose to have and there will be fewer cats and kittens trying, sometimes in vain, to find a loving ‘forever’ home.

    So, for anybody who has recently adopted a kitten, please chat to your vet about getting it neutered – the sooner the better. For further advice, call Clockhouse on 01453 752555