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    • 23 APR 14

    Who looks after your pets while you sleep?

    One of the greatest concerns for a pet owner may be the thought of their beloved pet being left alone overnight without anybody to monitor and care for them. 

    This will never happen at the Clockhouse Hospital: our hospital status requires us to have nursing staff on site 24 hours a day and means that we provide all the supportive care that your pet needs overnight, under the direction of a veterinary surgeon. Our nursing team at the hospital consists of 10 qualified veterinary nurses and five student nurses. Behind each vet is (at least) one caring, dedicated nurse!

    The veterinary nurses are on hand to answer calls from concerned owners as well as to assist the vet should they need to operate on an animal in the middle of the night, for example, if an animal requires a caesarean section. 

    The job of a veterinary nurse is unique and extremely varied. On quieter night shifts, they may be required to administer pain relief, ensure drip lines are working to provide fluid therapy and ensure patients are clean and comfortable. On other nights they may have patients in that require a higher level of care or constant supervision, for example, road accidents or patients suffering fits or struggling with breathing problems. These patients need frequent attention, oxygen, warmth and medication to treat their conditions – a soothing manner helps too.

    In the morning, the nurse ‘hands over’ to a fresh member of the nursing team and, after particularly tough nights, they will go home to sleep themselves.

    All veterinary practices have a duty of care to provide an out of hours emergency service but only veterinary hospitals are obliged to provide 24/7 on-site care. 

    We are extremely proud of our fantastic team at Clockhouse. You can rely on us to provide the same level of care for your pet at any time, so in the wee small hours of the morning or for the whole night, rest assured there will be someone to watch over them.