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  • Why your pet’s health is important to your own health…

    There is plenty in the news about how the various types of working dogs help humans, with dogs sniffing out anything from drugs to diabetes, but there’s less made of the impact ‘ordinary’ pets have on our day-to-day lives. That’s a great shame, considering pets have been calculated to save the NHS an average of

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  • Pets proved to be childrens’ best friends

    The results of a study carried out over the last decade have shown that children who are facing adversity are more likely to confide in their pets than their brothers or sisters. The research was carried out on 100 families in the UK and tracked children from as young as two as they developed relationships

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  • If an animal is lame, it’s feeling pain!

    Can you tell when your cat or dog is in pain? The fact that animals don’t always vocalise their pain leads many people to think they don’t feel pain like humans do, or at least that they don’t feel it as much. Unfortunately, cats and dogs do indeed suffer from pain in nearly exactly the

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