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  • Animal or Veterinary hospital – what’s the difference?

    We’re celebrating passing our veterinary hospital inspection again and are still the only practice in Stroud with veterinary hospital status! All veterinary practices have a duty of care to provide an out of hours emergency service but only veterinary hospitals are obliged to provide around the clock on-site care. Veterinary hospital status requires nursing staff on site

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  • How to help if you have a podgy pet

    Pets, like people, are becoming increasingly overweight – and for many of the same reasons! According to the PDSA, who recently released a report estimating that one in three dogs, one in four cats and one in four rabbits in the UK are overweight or obese, the pet obesity epidemic is something that all veterinary

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  • Microchipping for dogs soon to be compulsory

    Anybody who has ever been reunited with a lost pet because of it’s microchip will tell you what a great idea they are, but, for dogs at least, there will soon no longer be a choice, as all dogs will have to be microchipped and registered to an approved database by the time they are

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