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  • Pair convicted of animal cruelty

    A 24 year old man from Gloucester and a 40 year old woman from Nailsworth have each been given suspended prison sentences for causing unnecessary suffering to a Staffordshire Bull Terrier…

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  • How to be reunited easily with a lost pet

    The easiest way to make sure you can be reunited with a lost pet is to get them micro-chipped. This quick, simple procedure ensures that, if your pet is found, it can be identified easily and you can be contacted and for the whole of February, Clockhouse Veterinary Group are offering to microchip your pet

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  • Antifreeze Danger!

    At this time of year, if you drive any kind of motor vehicle, using antifreeze is unavoidable. Unfortunately, the active ingredient, ethylene glycol, tastes sweet, making it incredibly attractive to cats and dogs BUT it is incredibly toxic to them – just a tablespoon of antifreeze is enough to kill a dog and a teaspoonful

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