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  • Easy-to-keep New Year’s Resolutions

    The new year is upon us and many people will have new year’s resolutions. These are usually about taking care of yourself: losing weight and quitting smoking are common examples, but what about taking care of your pet? The new year is a great time to ensure your pet has a clean bill of health.

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  • A Pet Shouldn’t Just Be For Christmas!

    It’s getting to that time of year when parents are starting to look for festive gifts for their children. It’s also the time of year when children start begging for a puppy, kitten or other pet. This is greatly encouraged by the hordes of cute animals appearing in Christmas adverts. Penguins and reindeer aren’t common

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  • Winter Is Coming…

    The summer was great while it lasted, but now the weather is getting colder it’s important to know whether you need to take any special precautions to keep your pet happy and healthy during the winter months. A concern of many small animal owners is whether or not they need to bring their rabbit or

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