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  • Don’t let toilet training put you off pet ownership

    One of the things that most puts off potential pet owners is their fears about toilet training, a requirement for cats, dogs and house rabbits. It can be a daunting process, particularly for new owners, but in most cases it is very straightforward. Kittens quickly learn how to use a litter tray as their natural

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  • Which food is best for your pet?

    With hundreds of different types of pet foods on the market, particularly for cats and dogs, the choice is often overwhelming. There’s dry food, wet food, food that’s somewhere in between, foods for special breeds, conditions or diets, raw food and the occasional story of people cooking up beef, chicken or tuna steaks for their

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  • But baby, it’s cold outside…!

    Busy schedules and dull, cold, wet weather are not conducive to healthy habits, yet finding ways to exercise your dog and cat during the winter won’t just save your pet from becoming podgy, but could benefit the whole family. It’s no surprise that dog owners walk almost twice as much in a week than non-dog

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