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  • Does your dog suffer separation anxiety?

    Our increasingly busy lifestyles and more and more demands on our time mean that our pets are spending more time alone. As pack animals by nature, dogs need company. Having more than one dog may help them cope without their humans for longer, but in one dog households, too much alone time may cause distress.

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  • Could your dog be a blood donor?

    Sometimes during operations, dogs, just like humans, need blood transfusions. And, as with humans, the only place to get blood for transfusions is from willing donors, dogs whose owners take them along to donation sessions. Blood donation is an invaluable, life-saving gift for many of our patients and we need more blood donors! One donation

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  • Making a new cat or kitten feel like part of your family

    Getting a new cat or kitten is always exciting – for you. Introducing your new cat or kitten to new surroundings and new people can be daunting, so it’s essential to ensure that they feel comfortable in their new home. It’s important to give them their space for the first few days – literally. Prepare

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