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    • 15 SEP 13

    How do you know when it’s time to let your pet go?

    We all hope our pet will pass painlessly in their sleep, but that rarely happens and we need to be prepared for the fact that, hard as we know it’s going to be, at some point we may have to make the decision to end their life. People may say ‘it’s just a pet’, but we know pets are family members.

    When there are no effective treatment options, their bodies are failing them or they’re in pain, in fact, when most of your pet’s joys are compromised, it’s probably time to consider humane euthanasia. Vets are trained, like doctors, to save lives, but, especially if they know you and your pet well, they will advise you if further treatment is available and if it will prolong your pet’s joy of living or just it’s existence. No vet will blame you for trying to keep your pet alive, but no one knows your pet like you do – you’ve been there for the years of love, play, and affection, so you probably know that, just because your pet is alive, it does not mean that they are really living.

    If your veterinarian is advising euthanasia and you’re reluctant, closely examine your own motives and see if they’re for your benefit or your pet’s. 

    Euthanasia may be necessary for a healthy pet if it has become vicious, dangerous, or unmanageable, although with help, some undesirable and abnormal behaviour can be changed and at Clockhouse, we rarely agree to euthanise a healthy animal.

    There’s a lot to consider when a pet is reaching the end of it’s life. How do you tell your children? What do you do with your pet’s remains? How do you face the loss? Should you get another pet? There’s no easy, straight-forward, one size fits all answer to any of them, but when it comes time for this decision, know that you’re doing this for your pet and not to them. It is a key distinction and the pain of losing an animal is hard enough without the regret that they suffered. If you need advice on your pet’s care or euthanasia, call us on 01453 752555.