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    • 12 DEC 13

    Kick off the festive season with a puppy party!

    Here at Clockhouse vets we consider socialising your puppy one of the most important things that you can do for them. 

    Puppies love meeting other puppies and people and it is a very important time for them to learn. Anything positively encountered within their first 14 weeks becomes natural to them. It is a time when they learn to tolerate and enjoy the new experiences which, encountered for the first time later in life, they might find challenging. After this time the window of opportunity closes. 

    An early introduction to all sorts of situations enables them to cope in maturity. If puppies are not properly socialised, they can develop ‘fear aggression’. 

    More young adult dogs are euthanised because of behavioural problems, than die from the diseases we vaccinate against and the vast majority of these behavioural problems are brought about by poor socialisation. 

    The puppy party is geared up for puppies to meet and play with each other and meet with other adults and children. The parties are FREE and closely controlled by a qualified veterinary nurse – it is not a free-for-all as inappropriate socialisation is as bad as no socialisation. 

    The pups have lots of fun playing while owners can ask questions, swap stories and watch them play. We also introduce different noises and stimuli to show owners how to get the best response from their puppies and train them to be successful family companions. 

    If you have a new puppy, bring them along to our puppy parties. They are held from 6-7pm Wednesdays in Clockhouse, Stroud and 6-7pm Fridays in Clockhouse, Nailsworth. Please call to book your place – the parties are very popular and we keep to a maximum of 5 pups per session.