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    • 28 MAR 17
    Don’t let your cat’s health get overlooked

    Don’t let your cat’s health get overlooked

    Many people think that ‘cats take care of themselves’. They have a reputation as low maintenance pets (apart from pedigrees) but cats are actually just good at hiding signs of illness, so owners often don’t realise how sick they are until they’re very sick indeed. In fact, sometimes a vet will see issues the cats’ owners haven’t noticed.

    Here are five feline health problems people don’t worry about as much as they should:

    • Obesity. Many vets are sensitive when it comes to discussing an overweight pet, especially if their owner is also overweight, to avoid hurt feelings, so take a good look at your cat. Putting it bluntly, fat kills – or it contributes to diseases that can make your cat’s life miserable and/or lead to euthanasia.

    • It’s great if your senior cat is racing around because they have tons of energy, but not if it’s due to hyperthyroidism. An increase in energy, coupled with extreme weight loss can be due to the overproduction of thyroid This can be easily treated to give your cat a longer, happier life.

    • Health issues such as urinary tract infections or disease can lead to your cat ‘missing the litter tray’, so if this is happening, talk to your vet. If an illness is causing the problem, treating it will make both you and your cat much happier.

    • Regular dental checks are essential to spot dental disease, which causes constant pain for your cat and can lead to some serious health problems. Sometimes it’s only after they’ve had treatment that you realise your cat was hiding signs of pain .

    • Arthritis is incurable, but pain from aching joints can be treated. Your cat can’t tell you where or how much it hurts but if they’re looking a little stiff, talk to your vet about the managing their aches and pains.

    ‘Chronic’ doesn’t mean ‘untreatable’ and some health issues creep up so slowly that they’re easy to overlook, so if your cat hasn’t seen a vet in a while, it may be time to book a check up. Call Clockhouse on 01453 752555.