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    • 16 DEC 13
    Dog’s Life Saved by Blood Donor

    Dog’s Life Saved by Blood Donor

    The vets and veterinary nurses at Clockhouse Veterinary Hospital recently carried out an emergency operation to save the life of one of their canine clients, but the operation would not have been a success without the help of another dog.

    Mrs & Mrs Beale’s much loved 10 year old rescued labrador, who has lived with them since 2006, became ill while out for a walk one Sunday. She’d shown no previous signs of being unwell, so Mr Beale carried her to the car, took her home and called the vets, who advised him to bring her straight to the hospital. 

    On arrival, Connie was very quiet and just lay on the consulting room floor as Ana, the vet on duty, quickly assessed her. Connie was admitted for further tests and while her blood samples were being analysed, she had X-rays and an ultrasound scan. During this time she became more unwell and the collective results indicated that Connie was bleeding internally – she urgently needed surgery to halt the bleeding and a blood transfusion. Luckily, Clockhouse have a list of donors, so they phoned the owners of a golden retriever and asked if their dog was able to donate. Within minutes, the owner and the donor dog were at the hospital, giving Connie the blood she desperately needed, whilse the team prepared her for emergency surgery.

    The team of three vets and two nurses (two of whom were not on duty, but volunteered to help out) worked quickly and efficiently to save Connie, who is now well on the road to recovery. Mr and Mrs Beale are thrilled to have such a great result.

    The owners of the donor dog were more than happy to be able to help, as one of their own much-loved dogs had previously been saved by a doggy blood donor and, although they’d prefer to remain anonymous, all the staff at Clockhouse would like to join Mr and Mrs Beale in thanking them and their dog for giving Connie a second chance.