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    • 20 AUG 14

    Dog Show at the Crown & Sceptre

    Last Year's Winner

    On Sunday the 24th, the annual Dog Show, proudly sponsored by Clockhouse, takes place at the Crown and Sceptre in Stroud.

    Entries start from 2pm and classes start at 3pm. It’s £1 entry per class for the following classes:

    1. Scruffiest
    2. Most Handsome Dog
    3. Prettiest Bitch
    4. Best Party Trick
    5. Most Obedient
    6. Best Biscuit Catcher
    7. Dog judge would most like to take home
    8. Best in Show

    The prize for best in show will win a Free Booster Vaccination, 14kg Bag of Purina Dog food, & a Trophy that will be engraved and kept at the Crown & Sceptre for all to see!

    There’s also a 9th class, ’The Sitting Game’. Dogs walk around the ring, when the judge shouts “Sit”, handlers must get their dogs to sit. The last dog to sit is out. This continues until only one dog is left. 50p entry and a prize for the winning dog!

    Last year was great fun and we’re hoping this year’s even better. Some of the Clockhouse team will be there to give out balloons and award rosettes to the winning dogs. We hope to see you there!