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PennHIP Hip Scoring

In 2010 we were one of the first practices in the UK to be authorised to offer hip scoring with PennHIP.  Extensive research has shown that the standard methods of hip scoring, such as the ‘hip extended view’ used by the BVA, has significant limitations in it’s ability to detect dogs with hip dysplasia.  The hip extended view causes the joint capsule to twist and tends to make the hips look more stable than they really are.  This makes it difficult to distinguish between dogs that have good hips and those that have hip dysplasia. 


Digital Radiography

Using x-rays to create images is an important part of many diagnostic investigations.  Our digital processor allows us to quickly take high quality images that are quickly available be viewed in detail on a computer screen.  Digital images are more versatile than old fashioned film – we can zoom in and look at areas in more details, we can adjust the contrast to help find subtle changes.  They are also easier to archive and quickly retrieve old images.  For subtle or complex problems, we are also able to send images quickly over the internet when a specialist interpretation is required.


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