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Our dedicated team of vets and consulting nurses are available to see your pet throughout the day, 7 days a week. We run an appointment system to help to reduce the time you and your pet wait to a minimum, although if your pet needs urgent attention you will always be seen the same day.

Our waiting room is divided into seperate dog and cat areas to minimise the stress on our quieter patients and to help make your pet’s visit as calm and relaxed as possible.

We know there are times when you are not sure if you really need to see a vet and we offer one to one clinics with our consulting nurses so you can discuss any concerns with them. They are always on hand to give you advice about anything from flea, worm and tick treatment, to nutrition, dog training and dental care. You can also book an appointment for a nurse to clip your pet’s nails, change a wound dressing or for a free weight check.


Microchipping is a way of ensuring that should your pet become lost or stolen, they can be traced back to you where ever they are found.

Placement of a microchip is a routine proceedure, carried out during a normal consultation and does not require any sedation or anaesthetic. A small chip the size of a grain of rice is injected under the skin at the back of the neck. This chip contains a unique bar code number which can be read quickly and easily using a small handheld scanner.


Whether you have a new puppy or kitten, a rescued pet, or an older pet we can discuss the pros and cons of neutering. We will perform an examination to assess their suitability for anaesthesia and advise you when the most appropriate timing would be.

Neutering of kittens is usually recommended from around 6 months of age or 2.5kg bodyweight, whichever comes first. It’s recommended that female kittens are kept indoors until they are spayed to avoid the risk of an unwanted pregnancy.

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