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Cats & Kittens

Owning a cat is great fun and can be very rewarding, but caring for one can prove challenging. At Clockhouse we strive towards helping you with the life long responsibility.

Once you have got your kitten it is important that they interact with the people and animals they are likely to come across in everyday situations. Whilst this is important it is also crucial that they have space and time they can call their own. As cats are natural born hunters it is vital that life, and introductions, are as playful as possible, this keeps their natural instincts stimulated whilst strengthening your relationship. This is especially important when it comes to indoor cats as their natural instinct has been curbed, allowing time for plenty of games will not only stimulate an indoor cat, but also reduce the chances of them becoming overweight or lazy. With any cat feathery or furry toys on string, elastic or fishing rods can be great fun, with catnip mice being a firm favourite. Home made toys such as aluminium foil balls are also a success.

Most kittens learn how to use a litter tray very quickly as their natural instinct is to cover up their movements, this means they will automatically look for something to dig up. You’ll know when your kitten is ready to go as they squat down and raise their tail, at this point you should pick them up and place them in a tray (it is advised to have several placed around the house, as they like to have a different tray per motion).