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    • 27 JUN 16
    Arthritis in Dogs

    Arthritis in Dogs

    Is your dog stiff after rest or exercise?
    Are they showing signs of lameness?
    Or are they just slower and less active than they used to be?

    These are all symptoms of arthritis and unfortunately the pain associated with
    these symptoms is often overlooked.
    This extremely common disease is just as painful for our pets as it is for people.
    Because, in the wild, showing pain could be dangerous for an animal, our pets instinctively hide signs of pain. Behavioural changes due to pain can therefore often be subtle, so while most lame or stiff dogs are suffering from pain, they will not necessarily vocalise the pain or even appear unhappy.

    Arthritis is when your pet’s joints become inflamed and is extremely common, particularly in older dogs. Arthritis can be identified by a thorough vet examination,
    but further tests, such as x-rays, may be required for confirmation. Sometimes arthritis can be a symptom of joint infection, so further tests can help detect any underlying issues and help with treatment.

    Thankfully, we can successfully alleviate the pain with the use of medication, weight control, exercise modification and hydrotherapy. Pain management in veterinary medicine has improved significantly over the past few years. There are a wide variety of medicines available which we can use and we tailor treatment for each individual animal. These interventions will improve
    your pets’ quality of life by decreasing discomfort and will often significantly improve their locomotion.

    We have recently developed a ‘pain clinic’, so if your dog is exhibiting any of the above symptoms, or if you suspect your dog may be suffering from arthritic pain, contact the Clockhouse Veterinary Hospital on 01453 752555 and book an appointment at our Stroud branch to discuss different pain management options with Dr Daniel Butts.