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    • 10 DEC 14

    A Pet Shouldn’t Just Be For Christmas!

    It’s getting to that time of year when parents are starting to look for festive gifts for their children. It’s also the time of year when children start begging for a puppy, kitten or other pet. This is greatly encouraged by the hordes of cute animals appearing in Christmas adverts. Penguins and reindeer aren’t common pets, but their appearance still tugs at the heartstrings and can prompt the purchase or adoption of a canine or feline alternative.

    While it’s easy to get swept up in the Christmas spirit, the decision to welcome a new pet to your family is one that shouldn’t be rushed into. Pets, even the smaller ones like hamsters or rabbits, still require a reasonable amount of time, expense and care: puppies and kittens require almost full-time attention during their early development.

    It’s easy to imagine presenting an animal-loving child with a kitten or puppy on Christmas day and while this may be a great experience for the child, it can be incredibly traumatic for young animals. Introducing a pet to their new home should be a gentle process, with plenty of attention given to making sure the pet isn’t stressed or scared. On top of this, Christmas and New Year are usually the noisiest, busiest times of year, with lots of visitors coming and going, which can be stressful for existing pets, let alone any new arrivals.

    Buying, or better yet, adopting a pet can be left until after Christmas when you can dedicate time to settling them into a routine with your family. Drawing out the decision also enables you to see whether or not your child really wants a pet, or if they’re just swept up in the magic of the festive period.

    If you do decide to get a puppy or kitten, it’s important to get them vaccinated and microchipped. For pups, our puppy parties are a great way to help them socialise with other dogs.

    For advice on getting a puppy or kitten, or to book an appointment for vaccinations or microchipping call Clockhouse on 01453 752555.