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    Neutering: 9 out of 10 vets concerned about unplanned kittens

    Neutering: 9 out of 10 vets concerned about unplanned kittens

    A study by the British Veterinary Association revealed that a massive 93% of vets are worried about unplanned litters of kittens. Unplanned kittens can be heartbreaking to deal with as there are already many stray and abandoned kittens and unplanned litters put pressure on an already strained system trying to find them homes.

    Neutering your cat not only prevents unwanted pregnancies, but can also potentially protect them from some diseases and infections. Breeding opens cats up to the transmission of a number of infections that can be avoided through neutering. You can also avoid behavioural issues such as aggression and inappropriate urination as well as improving socialisation with other cats.

    While most pet owners know the benefits of neutering, many do not know how early they should get their cat neutered. Traditionally the age to get a cat neutered is at 6 months, however cats can get pregnant younger than that, leading to many vets, and the BVA, recommending that cats are neutered from 4 months.

    The operation is low cost and low risk, but whenever there’s surgery or general anaesthetic there’s always a small risk involved. This risk can be minimised by taking your cat to a veterinary hospital like Clockhouse, rather than a smaller surgery or animal hospital.

    At Clockhouse, to maintain our status as a veterinary hospital we have to undergo regular inspections of our premises, equipment, records and staffing. We also have to have staff on site 24 hours a day, meaning that if your pet needs to stay with us overnight, there’s always someone taking care of them.

    With over 140,000 cats rehomed every year, neutering is essential to reduce the population of unwanted cats in the UK. To find out more about getting your kitten neutered, call Clockhouse Veterinary Hospital on 01453 752 555.