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    • 07 FEB 17
    Office dogs reduce ‘ruff days’ at work

    Office dogs reduce ‘ruff days’ at work

    The Kennel Club is running a ‘Be Dog Friendly’ campaign to encourage more companies to allow dogs in the workplace, something Clockhouse has always done.

    Studies have shown that this can reduce work-related stress, improve morale and increase job satisfaction. It can also be great for the dogs, as they are not on their own for long periods. It’s important to set some ground rules – and make sure everyone is happy with the situation, but the benefits can be huge:

    Stroking a dog reduces stress levels, lowers blood pressure and, when dogs are present, people cope better with stressful situations.

    Workers are more productive and creative when they take short breaks and get fresh air during the working day. Dogs encourage otherwise sedentary workers to take these breaks, even to walk someone else’s dog.

    Dogs can improve morale and attendance – 90% of dog-friendly employers noticed a positive change in the working environment since allowing dogs at work and half noticed a decrease in absenteeism. Dogs at work were found to improve work relations and staff morale, but before you start a pet free-for-all in your office, here are some tips:

    1. Check no one minds or is allergic

    2. Check your insurance

    3. Ensure your office is safe for pets and designate pet-friendly days of the week and/or pet-free zones

    4. Limit the number of pets per day

    5. Ensure pets are supervised and not too big a distraction – and kept at home if sick.

    It may be worth giving dogs a probationary period before they get a permanent ‘pass’ to the office and getting them insured for third-party liability claims.

    Getting them checked for fleas and worms, at least every six months, is a must and is something that is covered at Clockhouse on our Paws and Claws scheme. For health or behaviour advice, or to sign your pet up for Paws and Claws membership, please give us a call on 01453 752555.